Snapchat, an American multimedia messaging app launched in 2011 was developed by Snap Inc. Gradually after 2015, Snapchat gained a lot of popularity and became one of the famous social media apps. Snapchat has many features like vanishing messages to maintain privacy, sharing pictures, creating bitmojis, its filters, lenses, etc but the most lucrative feature of Snapchat nowadays is the Snapchat story games.

This story game is a fun way to ease your boredom and bond with your friends, family, and your loved ones. One can also challenge their friends and groups to play certain games. So if you need ideas for these fun games, you are at the right place. So let’s look at some of the best and most fun Snapchat story games.

Best Snapchat Story Games 2021

Snapchat story games have a huge list, but not all of them can be played and not all of them are fun and exciting. Therefore, it is essential to know the best ones beforehand. It will help you to keep an edge over your friends too when it comes to playing online games.

For playing story games on Snapchat, all you need to do is Open Snapchat> The camera will get open, Swipe Up> After swiping up, your snaps and camera roll will appear> Go to Camera Roll> Select the image of the game you wanna play> Tap it and Select Send snap> Click on My story and Send.

1. Yes/No/Maybe

This is the most fun game of all. A very simple and authentic way to know and bond with your friends. All you have to do is post these questions in your Snapchat story and ask your friends to answer them for you. They will pick these questions, one by one, and will answer you if they will surely do it then ‘yes’ if they won’t then a ‘No’ and lastly if they are doubtful they will answer with ‘Maybe’.

2. Poll Game

This is a personal poll game, which means it’s about the person who posts this particular story. It’s basically a poll game, where you have to choose one between the two options. Post this on your Snapchat story and take a look at how your friends reply to you and think of you. Enjoy!

3. Cross off people You Know 

This is really an entertaining game, as this helps you to know who your friends are friends with. In these challenging times, when we aren’t able to go out and meet our friends, this is the best possible way to know what’s going on in their lives.

In this game, you have to make a list of people, can be your friends or not, and post it on your story. Your contacts will cross off the people they know from your friend list. So try it and have fun.

4. I’m not allowed to

‘I’m not allowed to’ is a game that lets you, share your secrets and sorrows with your beloved friends. You have to post the above picture and mention the things, you are not allowed to do by your parents. All your friends who watch the story have to tell you what they are not allowed to do.

One benefit of this activity is that you will come to know that you are not alone who have been restricted from doing certain activities.

5. Crush Test

The most exciting and amusing game of all is The Crush Test. Playing this game will let you know who has/had a crush on you or any other stuff. It’s fun when you play this with your friend’s group and close ones. For playing this game you have to post the above picture in your Snapchat story.

Whoever will have a crush on you will reply to you with the given emoji. Apart from a crush, if a person wants you back, wants a relationship, and thinks you are cute can also send you an emoji. So use this and find the hidden secrets.

6. Tag a Friend

In this game, the person is asked to tag a friend in each category. You can also tag your friends and then ask them to do the same. This game will let you know what your friends like about you among your smile, hair, cuteness, etc. It is indeed a fun game to play.

7. What do You want?

 ‘What do you want from me’ is an ultimate Snapchat story game, that is played by a huge number of people. It is widely popular among the teenagers of this generation. It is really a fun game as it lets your friends ask some of the exciting questions too. This game can really be a changer in your friendship.

 8. Phone Tour

One of the highest gripping games of the Snapchat Story games is the Phone tour. It’s that classic game of all the time that can be played with your friends, cousins, etc. You need to simply post the above-mentioned picture in your Snapchat Story and let your friends answer these amusing questions.

9. How Well do you know me?

This game is basically a game or a friendship test. All you need to do is post this picture on your Snapchat story and see how well your friends know you.

10. Pick Any three

So here’s come another exciting game for the folks. Pick any three is basically an easy game that can not only be played on Snapchat but also on other apps too. For playing this game you need to post the picture on your Snapchat story and let your friends tell you any three things they want you to be.

It is an entertaining game as it got a huge variety of options for the players. From bae to crush to wife to best friend to queen, your friends can pick any three for you.

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Snapchat story games can be proved as one of the best leisure activities today. These games are quite exciting and fun and can be played easily. Playing these games keeps you busy and engaging and helps you cherish the memory you gather. It is also proved as a great way to bond with their friends and loved ones.

Lastly, we hope you find this article worth reading and we were able to answer your questions. For any further query kindly let us know in the comment section and we will be glad to address them.

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