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Punjabi Cinema (Pollywood) is famous for making comedy movies. Comedy movies are always popular among audiences. Those movies get a good response from the public and well known for the comedy genre. Those movies are really good to watch with friends and families together. Some of the movies mentioned below were personally watched by me.

If you belong to Punjab, you must watch those movies and I am sure you will like those movies. It was challenging to choose the best Punjabi comedy movies of 2019 nevertheless, Movienasha compiled a list of Best Punjabi Comedy Movies of 2019 which you should watch.

I hope this will entice you to watch some and don’t forget to share your personal experience with us. According to you, if you want to add any best Punjabi comedy movie of 2019 which is not included in the list, then please do let me know by writing in the comment box. I make assure you that I will add that movie to the list. Please leave comments or feedback if you think differently and have something in mind which you want me to notice. Your comments or feedback are most welcome! Let’s start: Let’s begin the list:

Top and Best Punjabi Comedy Movies of 2019

1. Chal Mere Putt (2019)

best punjabi comedy movies of 2019
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Director: Janjot Singh

Star cast: Amrinder Gill, Simi Chahal, Agha Majid, Nimrat Khaira, Prabhjot Kaur, Sanju Solani, Iftikhar Thakur, Nasir Chinyoti, Hardeep Gill, Akram Udas, Gurshabad, Seema Kaushal, Rup Khatkar, Raj Dhaliwal.

Release date: 26 July 2019

It is one of the best Punjabi comedy movies of 2019 and the highest-grossing movie of 2019. It is an amazing movie. Amrinder Gill never disappoints you. It’s a nice, fully entertaining movie. You don’t feel lost even for a minute. The cast is very talented, especially the comedians from Pakistan. They took the movie to the next level with their comedy and occasional emotions. The songs are also good. It is a family movie with Punjabi comedy tadka. Do watch this movie as the movie has a strong message at the end.

2. Shadaa (2019)

best punjabi comedy movies of 2019
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Director: Jagdeep Sidhu

Star cast: Diljit Dosanjh, Neeru Bajwa, Sonam Bajwa, Gurpreet Bhangu, Anita Devgan, Hardeep Gill, Jagjeet Sandhu.

Release date: 21 June 2019

The story talks about how the male lead is desperate to get married and the female lead is not interested at all and then during the interval, a change of thoughts happens at both ends. Though Diljit and Neeru are amazing with their roles it’s their parents’ roles which made me laugh whenever they come to screen endlessly. Especially the love angle shown between Diljit’s parents. It’s hilarious.

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If you are a Punjabi audience, you can’t afford to miss this movie. Movie full of laughter, from starting to end. We all know how good is Diljit Dosanjh when it comes to comedy, superb acting, and dialogue delivery. A must-family watch. Trust me, this movie will not disappoint you.

3. Kala Shah Kala (2019)

best punjabi comedy movies 2019
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Director: Amarjit Singh

Star cast: Binnu Dhillon, Sargun Mehta, Jordan Sandhu, Shehnaaz Kaur Gill, Ashok Pathak, Gagneet Singh Makhan, Jatinder Kaur, Gurmeet Saajan, B.N. Sharma, Anita Devgan, NirmalRishi, Karamjit Anmol, Harby Sangha.

Release date: 14 February 2019

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Such an amazing movie, Superb story, smooth direction & hilarious comedy. It’s not just a movie. It’s thinking we have towards people with black complexion. This movie explored a topic society, in general, has debates/ issues with. Everyone has a heart, black people, too and we should respect it. Binnu Dhillon’s acting is the best work I’ve seen so far in any Punjabi movie. He made you sympathize deeply with his character and black people. This movie is a mix-up of Comedy & real life. Those who took this movie lightly, Guys it’s a Must watch. This movie is one of the best Punjabi movies in 2019.

4. Guddiyan Patole (2019)

best punjabi comedy movies of 2019
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Director: Rajesh Singh

Star cast: Gurnam Bhullar, Sonam Bajwa, Tania, Gurmeet Saajan, Nirmal Rishi, Rupinder Rupi.

Release date: 8 March 2019

After a long time, watching a movie which is more about us, the common man who lives in Punjab and enjoy its culture and tradition more than any other luxury. Everyone acted so well and nice that you don’t even realize in a few scenes that it’s just a movie. The movie is very good and thoughtful. This movie is about the relationship between their grandparents. All characters were awesome and their acting was great. Thoughtful, family values, Comedy, Emotions, Songs, a completely entertaining film. It’s not a 1-time watch film. It’s a multi-time watch film, again and again, and again.

5. Uda Aida (2019)

best punjabi comedy movies of 2019
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Director: Ksshitij Chaudhary

Star cast: Tarsem Jassar, Neeru Bajwa, Jaspal Singh Sandhu, Rose J. Kaur, B.N. Sharma, Gurpreet Guggi, Karamjit Anmol, Ansh Tejpal, Poppy Jabbal

Release date: 1 February 2019

Love this movie, all the credit goes to Ksshitij Chaudhary and writer Naresh Kathooria. This movie never drifted from the subject throughout. There is no vulgarity and violence in the movie. Hoping Choudhary would make more this kind of movie. The movie has a very positive message, “Apni maa boli na kade na judda ho”. Never separate from your mother tongue. For family and kids, this is a good outline message. It has a strong natural comedy as well. Something new, the concept and story were fantastic. All characters performed at their level best must watch this movie with the family.

6. Muklawa (2019)

best punjabi comedy movies 2019
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Director: Simerjit Singh

Star cast: Ammy Virk, Sonam Bajwa, B.N. Sharma, Karamjit Anmol, Sarbjit Cheema, Nirmal Rishi.

Release date: 24 May 2019

Before marriage in some sections of Punjab bride or groom doesn’t know each other face or never seen it before. It is their family fix married and done & After marriage Bride stays back at her home for indefinite period & when it is time Groom’s family approaches Bride’s for “Muklawa” or “Show Face” / “Know Each Other” & then Groom accepts in full senses his bride as a wife & take with him to home. The movie is all about tradition. The concept of the movie is really good which has been invisible in our present culture.

7. Jhalle (2019)

best punjabi comedy movies of 2019
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Director: Amarjit Singh Saron

Star cast: Binnu Dhillon, Sarjun Mehta, Pavan Malhotra, Gurinder Dimmpy, Banninder Bunny, Jatinder Kaur, Honey Jalaf, Harby Sangha.

Release date: 15 November 2019

Hilarious! The strange storyline for a Punjabi movie. One of the best Punjabi comedy movies of 2019 which you must watch. A new dimension to Punjabi movies. It is a complete break from the expected routine Punjabi movie. The humor is also different so the movie has a completely new tangent. Sargun Mehta and Binu Dhillon have done complete justice to their roles and the supporting cast has added to the flavor of the movie.

8. Dil Diyaan Gallan (2019)

best punjabi comedy movies 2019
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Director: Parmish Verma, Uday Pratap Singh

Star cast: Parmish Verma, Wamiqa Gabbi, Gaurav Kakkar, Chandan Gill, Anoop Karir, Robby Khela

Release date: 3 May 2019

A movie that shows life is not just about posting it on social media, it is really above all the posts. Real happiness is living the moment not capturing them for others and walk away without living it. It is one of the best Punjabi comedy movies of 2019 which you should watch without any second thoughts. I watched this movie and l think this movie is very exciting and interesting.

I always wanted this type of movie to come on TV. This movie symbolizes that Punjabi cinema is evolving. A rom-com filled with Parmish humor and some good dialogues. The movie will make you laugh numerous times and will make you weep. Go and watch it.

9. Manje Bistre 2 (2019)

best punjabi comedy movies of 2019
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Director: Baljit Singh Deo

Star cast: Gippy Grewal, Sardar Sohi, B.N. Sharma, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Karamjit Anmol, Simi Chahal.

Release date: 12 April 2019

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The movie is much more comic than the first Manje Bistre. Gippy Grewal and Karamjit Anmol are both legends, they performed their role very impressively. The cast is very good and also Jaggi Singh’s role is very impressive. The movie is very much different from the first movie. You should watch this movie with your whole family.

10. Unni Ikki (2019)

best punjabi comedy movies 2019
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Director: Livtar Singh, Kaypee Gill

Star cast: Sawan Rupowali, Jagjeet Sandhu, Karamjit Anmol, Nirmal Rishi, Gurchet Chitarkar, Ravinder Mand, Parkash Gadhu.

Release date: 11 October 2019

A young Punjabi couple doesn`t reveal their relationship to their parents, but then the girl`s parents find an NRI groom for her. To make matters worse, mobile networks shut down in the area for three days. Watch this rib-tickling flick to find out what happens! The movie is amazing with full of comedy, drama. The chemistry between the couple is perfectly designed. The comedy is perfectly in sync with the story. A total family comedy movie must-watch.

11. Naukar Vahuti Da (2019)

best punjabi comedy movies of 2019
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Director: Smeep Kang

Star cast: Binnu Dhillon, Kulraj Randhawa, Japji Khaira, Smeep Kang, Preet Anand, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Upasana Singh, Jaswinder Bhalla.

Release date: 23 August 2019

This movie is one of the best Punjabi comedy movies of 2019 which you should watch without any doubt. If you are a fan of comedy family drama, then this one is for you. Naukar Vahuti Da is an out n out high-level comedy movie. If you can bear high numbers of jokes then this is it. All the actors have given their best of entertainment and lively performances. There is no big storyline and screenplay turns, but it is just good to keep you entertained. And that is all you need while watching a movie.

12. Band Vaaje (2019)

best punjabi comedy movies 2019
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Director: Smeep Singh

Star cast: Mandy Takhar, Mannat Singh, Smeep Singh, Binnu Dhillon, Nirmal Rishi, Roopi Rupinder, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Rakesh Dhawan, Jaswinder Bhalla.

Release date: 15 March 2019

The movie is about Inder, an Indian, who falls in love with Bilkis, a Pakistani. However, things take a turn for the couple due to his grandmother’s hatred for Pakistanis. This movie steals the show again. Binnu Dhillon never disappoints. Jaswinder has always been great at the comical timing. The concept of India Pakistan love been shown is a great thing. It is one of the best Punjabi comedy movies of 2019 which should watch.

13. Tara Mira (2019)

best punjabi comedy movies of 2019
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Director: Rajiev Dhingra

Star cast: Ranjit Bawa, Nazia Hussain, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Sudesh Lehri, Guru Randhawa, Ashok Pathak, Shawindra Mahal, Anita Devgan, Rajeev Thakur, Jhumma Mitra, Yograj Singh, Sudesh Lehri.

Release Date: 11 October 2019

As we all know that Punjabi cinema very popular for comedy movies and Tara Mira Punjabi movie is also a comedy movie. If we talk about the story, the story of the movie revolves around Tara and Mira. Tara is from the Jatts family and Mira belongs to another cast. Tara and Mira love each other and want to marry but when they meet each other’s family they create a lot of laughter.

14. Mindo Taseeldarni (2019)

best punjabi comedy movies 2019
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Director: Avtar Singh

Star cast: Kavita Kaushik, Isha Rikhi, Karamjit Anmol, Rajveer Jawanda, Sardar Joshi, Tarsem Paul, Gurpreet Bhangu, Simran Sehajpal.

Release date: 28 June 2019

A heartwarming comedy from the heartland of India, Mindo Taseeldarni draws a contrast between the upper elite and the middle class through the story of a middle-aged bachelor named Teja. Karamjit Anmol played his part superbly. All other casts are also good.

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