Distance Learning

Is Distance Learning Right for You?

Distance learning has revolutionized academia, and the field of psychology is no exception. Psychologists are increasingly seeking their degrees online. This...
Practice in Psychology

Areas of Practice in Psychology

Clinical and Counseling Psychology Probably the most well-known psychologists are clinical and counseling psychologists. Clinical psychologists tend to work with individuals with...
Licensed Psychologist

Requirements to Become a Licensed Psychologist

The specific licensure requirements differ from state to state. There are three components required:(1) Education - consisting of a doctorate in...
Psychology Graduate Program

Choosing a Psychology Graduate Program

Pursuing a Masters or Doctoral degree in psychology involves a large investment of both time and money. Perhaps this is the...
Psychology Paper

Tips for Writing a Stellar Psychology Paper

In many psychology classes, research papers are the most significant factor in your final grade, which means the writing-challenged can quickly...
Industrial Psychologist

Interview with Adam Lerner*, MS Industrial Psychologist

*name changed upon request I recently had the opportunity to sit down and interview with industrial psychologist Dr. Adam Lerner; he had...
Psychology Courses in Graduate School

How to Take the Right Psychology Courses in Graduate School

It should come as no surprise that the courses you take in graduate school help prepare you for your eventual career...
Financial Aid

Financial Aid Options for Graduate School

Although Pell Grants or subsidized Stafford loans are not available for graduate students, there are several financial aid options available for graduate...

Online Versus Classroom Learning

There are advantages and disadvantages of online learning. I have taken several online and traditional courses throughout my college education, and...

Classes to Take in High School to Become a Psychologist

The process of becoming a psychologist is a long and arduous one that necessitates college, graduate school, and a licensing application....

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